Expy FAQ page

How to buy Exam PIN?

1. Go to shop.expygroup.com
2. Log in or register, click the Product Categories 
Exams Scratch Cards’ tab, then click on the “Image of the PIN you want to buy”
3. To order for PIN click the “Add to Shopping Cart” button on the item’s product detail page.
4. Click the “checkout” button. You will be taken to the first page of the order form.
5. You can pay with a debit card or transfer funds into any of accounts.
6. Once your transaction has been confirmed, click “
My PIN/token” on the top right of the website to view your PIN instantly.

It’s faster and stress free!

Is it safe to put my credit card number into Expy Shop website? 

Yes, we use '3D Secure Socket Layer' (SSL) technology to process your payment and ensure your details are safe. We don’t store any of your credit card information (that’s handled by our payment processor Stripe, the best in the business) and we will never share your personal information with anyone else. Any information you submit for payment authentication on our website will be securely passed to your bank for verification. No information will be captured, stored or viewed on Expy Shop website.

What's your privacy policy?

We will never share your information with any third party. Who is a third party? Well the first party is us, and the second party is you. So a third party is anyone other than us and you. And, you know, they probably have enough already.

Our privacy policy can be found by clicking here



What are the available payment methods?

Expy Shop offers multiple payment methods for your convenience. Below are the available payment options:

 ·         Paystack: This works for both local and international customers, and will also allow you to do instant payment using ATM card and also gives you the opportunity to have instant access to your PIN(s)

·         VoguePay (Verve card, Naira Mastercard) – Choose this method if you want to make payment with your Nigerian bank issued Debit card (ATM card). [Note: This method attracts gateway charges; and the maximum amount of transaction you can do on Expy shop within 48 hours using this method is limited to N100, 000]

·         Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit – Choose this method if you want to make payment through online bank transfer (or, other transfer means), or by depositing cash into our bank account directly. To get details of our bank accounts, Please click here


How do I make payment for my order on Expy Shop?

On the Checkout page, simply select one payment method that is most suited to you.

After, click on the “Proceed” or “Confirm Order” button and you’ll be moved to the next phase where you can now make payment depending on the payment method chosen by you.

·         Paystack: This works for both local and international customers, and will also allow you to do instant payment using ATM card and also gives you the opportunity to have instant access to your PIN(s)

·         If you choose VoguePay (Verve card, Naira Mastercard) option, you’ll be taken to Vogue Pay website where you’ll be provided with instructions on how to make payment with your Debit card (ATM card).

·         If you choose Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit option, you’ll be provided with instructions on how to make payment plus details of our bank accounts. Payment instruction and our bank details will be sent to your email address as well.


Do you allow instalment payments?

Unfortunately, Expy Shop doesn’t allow instalment payments. We try as much as a possible to keep our prices very affordable.



How do you deliver my order?

Once we confirm your payment, we’ll process your order and dispatch the ordered item(s) to our shipping partners for onward delivery to your destination in Nigeria. Tracking details will be sent to you via SMS and Email.

For downloadable products (software, eBook, exam result checker PIN, etc), we'll activate your order and notify you via your email address so you can login into your account on our website and download.

For services, we'll kick into action and start processing your order immediately. We’ll notify you once the job is done via your email address. We make sure to keep to the order stipulated delivery time frame.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Expy Shop will charge extra amount for products that don’t qualify for Free Delivery. The actual amount we charge for delivery to any city in Nigeria varies from order to order, depending on the weight, size and destination of the order. However, the total delivery cost for your order can be viewed on the checkout page under “Delivery Method” section.

What is your standard delivery time frame?

Expy Shop standard delivery time frame for physical goods is 2 to 5 working days from the day you made payment for your order (weekends and nationwide holidays are not included).

For downloadable products, we’ll activate your order immediately so you can download on our website. And for our special services, the standard delivery period is product dependent, and will be stated on the product’s description page.

What are the available delivery methods?

If any or all the physical goods in your order cart attract delivery charge, you will have the option to choose one of the delivery methods on the checkout page. You won’t see this option if your order does not contain physical good; or if the physical good in your order qualify for Free Delivery.

Below are the available delivery methods to choose from:

·         Pickup from Store (Abeokuta) – Choose this method if you’re in Abeokuta and wish to come to our office or shop and pick up your ordered item(s) instead. This delivery method attracts no extra charge.

·         Standard Courier Delivery (To Any Nigerian City) – Choose this method to have your ordered item(s) delivered to you in any city in Nigeria using reputable courier service. This delivery method attracts extra charge as will be stated on the checkout page.

Can I come and pick up my order from your office?

Yes if you’re within Abeokuta area and would like to come and pick up your order from our office, simply select Pickup from Store option upon checkout and call our Customer care to arrange for the date and time of collection.

Can my order be delivered to my office address instead?

Yes, your order can be delivered to your office! We deliver to the address you provided to us upon checkout. Just enter your name and office address upon checkout and we’ll deliver to your office.

What happens if I am unavailable at the time of delivery?

Once we dispatch your order, we’ll send you an email and SMS containing the courier company name, tracking waybill number and expected arrival dates.

If you’re unavailable to collect your order when the delivery person came, you’ll be left with instruction on how to come and pick up your order at the courier’s office or request for re-delivery.

My order hasn’t arrived yet! What should I do about this?

Normally, your order is supposed to arrive 2 to 5 working days from the day you made payment for your order (weekends and nationwide holidays are not included). However, occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be short delay along the way.

Please kindly exercise patient and allow at least 8 working days for your order to arrive. Remember, you can always track the status of your order using the tracking number sent to you. If your order hasn’t arrived after 8 working days, please do not hesitate to contact us via: info@expymultimedia.com or through any of our phone numbers on top page.

I received the wrong item other than what I ordered for! What should I do?

If you found out you received the wrong item or the wrong quantity other than what you ordered for, please contact our customer care as soon as possible so that we can step in and resolve any issue promptly.

It seems my item(s) has been tampered with! What should I do?

Please contact our customer care as soon as possible. All items are insured against theft and damages incurred during transit.

Where is your shop located?

Expy multimedia is located at Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Do you deliver outside Nigeria?

Expy Shop does not deliver physical goods outside Nigeria for now. Downloadable products and some selected services can still be delivered worldwide.


Couldn't find the information you needed? Please, contact us using our contact us form or through our email address: info@expymultimedia.com. You can also call us on (+234) 0808-008-5555 (9am - 6pm).